If my journey resonates with you I would love to hear from you. Simply send me an email by clicking the contact button below (in the footer) and I will add you to my “what is next” updates. 

In addition, I am not taking new clients at this time, but monthly, I am extending one complimentary coaching session ~ a safe place for you to receive some additional guidance.

Read on…

There is power in writing your story.

Writing has been one of my lifelines since my husband passed away.

Putting words to my feelings, my experiences, while making sense out of my journey, gave me a sense of security and that all will be ok.

In my experience, there is even more power in having someone witness your journey and validated your experiences.

The days I felt heard, seen, understood and validated was some of my greatest moments of healing. I would be honoured to play that role in your life.

If you feel drawn to let me into your inner world, I would love to have you share your story with me.

You can use the structure I have below OR please share in whatever way works for you.

What was your “thriving” chapter?

What did life look like when you were living YOUR best life (your best life at that time)?

Or maybe you had a vision of your best life, and then life happened. (Sickness, loss, shift of identity)

What has been challenging?

Where do you find yourself getting stuck?

What has helped you the most?

Life of meaning 
What has loss, change, transition taught you? 

What are your priorities now, and what is most important to you?

Sharing your wisdom
If you met someone who was experiencing something similar to what you have been through, what would be your greatest words of wisdom?

What has made the biggest difference for you?

Now grab your favourite beverage, snuggle up and give yourself the gift of witnessing your own story, put it on paper and if you feel inspired to share it with me by clicking the contact button below. I will respond to your email personally (it is confidential) and let you know I have received it and at the beginning of each month I will do a draw for a complimentary session with me.

Welcome to my community, 

Together we can 💕